Financial Responsibility 

I have a proven record of financial responsibility and will work to keep Weld County with NO DEBT while providing excellent service for our citizens. 

I promise to not raise taxes and I promise to keep Weld County debt free.

If we DON’T have the money, we DON’T buy it.

I am not willing to saddle future generations with debt because we cannot plan properly today.


Water is the lifeblood of Weld County, for our homes, our businesses and our agriculture. 

Continuing to protect and secure our water rights will be a priority of mine as commissioner. 

Together, we can keep Weld County water in Weld County.

Oil and Gas

Clean, reliable, American produced energy is essential for our economic vitality and our national security, now more than ever. 

I stood up for our oil and gas industry.

After the state ignored the will of the voters and imposed 2000-foot drilling setbacks, as County Commissioner, I helped craft language that allowed producers to drill as near as 500 feet from a structure


As Weld County Commissioner, I fought for our ag industry. 

Testifying and pushing back against the state as they tried to impose more regulations and restrictions that would be harmful to ag producers.

I know the importance of agriculture to Weld County and will make sure that Weld County keeps feeding America.  


Transporation is a key issue in Weld County. 

I have the experience and track record to get it done without taking on unnecessary debt or raising taxes.  

I served on the Highway 85 Coalition, the I-25 Mayors Bullseye Coalition and the Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization securing funding for the I-25 expansion decades ahead of federal schedules.